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Aeration Done Right  

Every year tens of thousands of homeowners face septic tank problems and are forced into spending millions of dollars on unneeded septic system repairs. Septic aeration not only restores failing septic system adding aeration to your system will keep your system functioning for a life time.

septic air Guarantee We are the industry leader in residential septic aerators. Using experience gleaned from over 30 years in aeration we create the most effective, easiest to install, and most affordable septic aeration system on the market.
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100% Guaranteed to Restore Your Septic System or Your Money Back!
  Aeration Solves Septic Problems
University and Independent Studies Agree. Septic aeration is the most effective and affordable solution to septic problems. Learn How and Why Septic Aeration Works.

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  Septic Aeration FAQ
Septic aeration's most common and frequently asked questions.
Do Septic Additives Work? The not so simple answer is Yes and No. Learn which ones work and how not to pay an arm and a leg for them.
Why Does Septic Aeration Restore Systems? Aerobic microbes are the reason septic aeration works so well. Learn why aerobic microbes are more effective then anaerobic microbes.

  Septic Aeration Comparison
Not all septic aeration units are created equal. There are a number of different aerobic systems designed to convert your conventional septic system into an aerobic system, differing greatly in price and performance; however, theoretically all aerobic systems have the same basic function. Air, compressed by a pump, is fed through a diffuser and introduced into the wastewater.

The diffuser is the difference. While all septic aerators use compressed air, how effectively that air is used to transfer oxygen into the waste water is what separates us from the competition.
  The Difference
Septic Aerator Diffuser  Our diffuser takes advantage of two proven aeration principals, first the smaller the bubble, the greater the oxygen transfer rate into the effluent. Secondly, bubbles formed deep within the chamber will have more pressure to drive the oxygen transfer and more time-of-contact with the air-water interface. These are just two of the reasons our vertically mounted air stones outperform the competition.

What makes our septic aeration solution stand head and shoulders over the competition is our self positioning synergistic airlift diffuser. Synergistic lift occurs when air diffusers arranged in an vertical array create a bubble plume that transfers oxygen in greater sums then the same number separate air diffusers.

Failing Septic Facts   According to the EPA, there are over 20 million septic systems across America and up to 20% fail annually. Nationally, this costs homeowners billion’s of dollar to replace failed system that could have been restored using septic aeration.

Septic Aeration is the most environmentally friendly, effective and thanks to us the most economical solution to your septic problems.