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   Aeration Comparison

SepticairAID out performs all other retrofit septic aeration units on the market, at a considerable cost savings! We created the most effective, affordable, one size fits all solution to septic aeration so easy to install, anyone can do it.

Not all septic aeration units are created equal. There are a number of assorted aerobic systems configured to change over your conventional septic system into an aerobic system, differing greatly in cost and performance; nevertheless, in theory each aerobic system has the same primary function. Air, compressed by a pump, is fed through a diffuser and introduced into the effluent.

  Size Does Matter

When it comes to bubbles, size does matter. Here's A short course in bubbles
Lesson 1
This large bubble (20 mm) has a volume of 4.19 cm3 and a surface area of 12.6 cm2.
Lesson 2
296 small bubbles (3 mm) could be made from the large bubble 3mm in Lesson 1. They would have a total surface area of 83.6 cm2. This is 6.6 times the surface area of the large bubble.
In the world of septic aeration small or fine bubbles matter, with the small bubbles, 6.6 times as much water can be aerated with the same amount of air! The smaller the bubble, the greater the oxygen transfer rate into the effluent. Additionally, bubbles formed deep within the chamber will have more pressure to drive the oxygen transfer and more time-of-contact with the air-water interface.


  Horizontal versus Vertical Diffuser

When it comes to diffusers the horizontal position is better then vertical. The lower left image depicts a vertical air diffuser in a septic tank. The red arrows depict the increase of water pressure over the length of the stone. As air enters the stone it takes the path of least resistance, escaping out of the top portion of the diffuser. The double negative effect of this is that a large portion of the stone remains unused. This results in inefficient oxygen transfer because the deeper in the tank the bubbles are the more pressure is experienced and the more dissolved oxygen is created. To overcome this uneven pressure and the potential that a portion of the diffuser is unused, the CFM must be increased. This in turn will create the negative effect of larger bubbles.

ineffective septic aeration effective septic aeration SepticairAID™ Horizontal Diffuser (RIGHT)
SepticairAid’s™ diffuser assembly is designed to self-positions itself and sits solidly on the bottom of the septic tank ensuring that the air is introduced at a consistent height inside your septic tank. The placement of our Horizontal diffuser assembly near the bottom of the tank allows the oxygen to stay in the tank much longer than many other systems. Bubbles formed deep within the chamber will have more pressure to drive the oxygen transfer and more time-of-contact with the air-water interface.

  Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
With the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" in mind, these two sets of three pictures show the SepticairAID™ story clearly. Each set of pictures capture just under one second of action from both the SepticairAID™ synergistic airlift diffuser and the diffuser sold with a competitors top end septic aerator.

The test was run using both the pump included with the competitor’s aeration kit and the Septicairaid pump. Since both pumps are nearly identical in all aspects it was impossible to see a difference of any kind between pumps. Therefore, both sets of pictures of the diffuser performance were taken using the same pump.

All variables were exactly the same. All camera settings were identical for all photos taken. The two sets of pictures were taken less than 2 minutes apart so lighting was the same. The images were not touched up or changed in any way other than resizing them. When shooting the competitors diffuser the camera needed to be moved back approximately six inches to prevent it from getting wet due to the large size of the bubbles.
effective septic restoration
LEFT Notice that the three images which show approximately one second of the SepticairAID™ synergistic airlift diffuser at work look nearly identical. Compare this to the turbulent action from the competitors diffuser on RIGHT caused by large bubbles and ineffective oxygen transfer. ineffective septic aerator
effective septic aerator
Despite both sets of pictures being taken with the identical lighting and camera settings the SepticairAID™ photos have a blue hue to them because of the light reflecting off of the hundreds of thousands of bubbles created by the SepticairAID™ synergistic airlift diffuser. ineffective aerator
effective septic restoration

Conclusion: The measure and effectiveness of any septic aeration unit is the oxygen transfer rate of the system. The key component in transferring oxygen to your septic system is the diffuser. Companies that sell the same diffusers and offer various pump sizes know more about CFM’s than they do about oxygen transfer. Increasing the amount of Air (CFM’s) going into the system does not increase the oxygen transfer rate. For instance, Increasing the amount of Air (CFM’s) going into SepticairAID’s™ synergistic airlift diffuser would lower the oxygen transfer rate and the entire units effectiveness.

  The SepticairAID™ Difference
Septic Aerator Diffuser  The SepticairAID™ diffuser takes advantage of two proven aeration principals, first the smaller the bubble, the greater the oxygen transfer rate into the effluent. Secondly, bubbles formed deep within the chamber will have more pressure to drive the oxygen transfer and more time-of-contact with the air-water interface. These are just two of the reasons SepticairAid’s™ horizontally mounted air stones outperform the competition.

What makes the SepticairAID™ septic aeration solution stand head and shoulders over the competition is SepticairAID’s™ self positioning synergistic airlift diffuser. Synergistic lift occurs when individual air diffusers arranged in an horizontal array create a bubble plume that transfers oxygen in greater sums then the same number separate air diffusers.